The New Fibroid Healing Network

Welcome! Please check out this new network for women fighting and healing fibroids. The network is called the Fibroid Alternative Healing Network. The network is created to assist and support women fighting fibroids through knowledge of self, finding peace, reducing stress, information, spirituality, exercise, belief in healing, and support. We share information to improve whole body wellness.
We are strictly a resource and support network for women with fibroids. Please contact a medical doctor for diagnosis, care, treatment, surgery, and excessive pain. We encourage natural healing. We will share information, diet plans, life changes, wellness centers, alternative medicine, herbs, and other tools that we use for healing naturally.

There are no warranties given for the information expressed by the network, through the network, the founder, or any of the participants. All information is from personal experiences and information found through books, internet, and women fighting fibroids. We cannot guarantee healing but we encourage continued research and the support of Eastern medicine. We encourage holistic medicine, herbalists, herbal treatment, acupuncture, and other forms of naturopathy.

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