Are you neglecting your health for your hair?

Neglecting Health

Health and Natural Hair

Neglecting health


Are you Neglecting your Health for your hair?

Are you neglecting your health for your hair? Did you walk, run, or practice yoga today? Did you decide to avoid the pool or beach due to your hair? Women often avoid physical activities because of hair concerns.  Neglecting our health is a no-no. Our health is more important than any style. Black women have high rates of cancer, fibroids, and heart disease. When will be put ourselves first? Our hair is beautiful. Frizzy, untamed, tamed, and free. Physical activity is necessary to reduce stress, to keep disease free, and to feel whole and better.

Natural hair is the door to freedom. However, women are trying most products that hit the market. Black women are going on social media trying to find the perfect style. Natural hair can be easy. Short styles are great for an intense workout schedule. Short styles are low maintenance and cost friendly. Coils and two strands are another great option for naturalistas. These styles last for two weeks. Yes, your hair may be frizzy. Natural hair is frizzy. Embrace your gift and freedom. Rock your natural hair and give your body what it deserves. Water, exercise, and balance are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Do not let your hair get in the way of your health.

Health versus Hair

Health versus hair is the question for naturals. We want to keep our funky styles. What is the cost? Are we risking our bodies? It is a war between self love and the definition of beauty. We have been told from a very young age that our hair is not manageable. We are learning to embrace our natural tresses with love and patience. Neglecting our health is not the answer to hair challenges. We can find support with the right stylist and circle of friends. A strong network will support you! Find a natural hair group, a professional natural hair stylist, and sister circle that will encourage you to exercise and place less focus on hair styles. It is about how we feel and less about how we look. The reflection in the mirror is a indication of how your care for yourself. Healthy hair , skin, and body is important for aging and self care. Na-Klectic wants to help you with natural hair coaching to be a support. We want to offer you styles that are work and exercise friendly. We look forward to helping you with your healthy hair journey. You will no longer neglect your health for your hair.


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