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Please email or call for natural hair services, consultations, and business coaching.

Please contact by phone at 301-842-4457 for text messaging or quicker responses.

Please send emails. Do not post questions in the blog. Thank you!

I  am happy to assist you. I provide natural hair coaching via phone, Skype or in person. Please be patient with a returned response.

Speaking Engagements/Hair Expos

Please send requests to [email protected] for services, speaking engagements, consulting, and/or informational classes.

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      • I am also interested in loc services but I see that you’re not accepting new clients at the moment. When will your salon be accepting new clients? I would like to visit for a consultation but do not expect to actually have services done for at least another month.

        Thank you and looking forward to doing business with you.

    • Thank you for contacting us. We are no longer located in Baltimore, MD. We will send you an email with contact information.

  1. Hello,

    I visited your salon previously. The contact information I have is no longer is service. I would like to know if anyone in your salon installs crochet braids?

    If so, please provide pricing information. Thanks

  2. Blessed aftern.! i need a deep cleansing treatment for my locs. wash only for now! What is price? 410-433-8437 faith! Thanks

  3. I used your services at your Baltimore location and worked with Myra. Would you be able to help me contact her or provide referrals in the B-more area?

    Thank you,

  4. Hello, I was wondering where are you located? I am natural with some perm left in my hair and would like to do a Mohawk-type style. What is your experience with transitioning hair and what would the price be for medium-length hair? I am very interested in the services you provide.

    Thank you!

    • We sent you an email with information concerning location and referrals. You can transition with the big chop, two strands/rods, braids, pressing, ceramic fusion, and protective styles.

  5. Since you are no longer open in Baltimore, can you suggest a salon for me so that I can get my natural hair don. Thanks.

  6. Hi, just moved to the Baltimore area. I am very interested in your work, could you refer some stylists in this area or provide me with your information?
    Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you


  7. Hi,

    I’m in the process of embracing my natural hair again. I’ve been wearing hair weaves and the top of my hair has been damaged due to applying to much heat. Could you recommend what I should do to repair it as well as a natural salon in the Baltimore area.

  8. Hi,

    Is Yazmin still at your salon?? Can you provide me with her contact information, please?

    Thank you,
    Veronica Bowens

  9. Desperately searching for a natural hair salon close to the Bel Air area. I am willing to travel up to 45 mins. I have been natural for two years and is in need of professional hair care. Thanks for your reply.
    Thank you.

  10. I am searching for a natural hairstylist who can take care of my hair, recommend home care maintenance for styles and do amazing styles like twists out and bantu knots, styles with extensions and color. Can you provide any salon & stylist referrals for the Baltimore/DC area. I have been natural for 3 years now and transitioned with rodsets. Thank you!

  11. Hello,
    I used to get my hair done at Baltimore location but it’s no longer there. Do you have contact information for Kyla (Khila, Kila)? I’m not sure if I spelled her name right. Thanks in advance.

  12. hello,

    I live in the Los Angeles area and am wanting to get a tapered twa type of hair style. Do you know of any natural salons who could help me achieve that look?

  13. Hello,

    I visited your location in Baltimore last year. I am in need of a trim and deep condition monthly now that I’m back in the area. Would you recommend any business in the area?

  14. I went natural about 1 1/2 years ago, and have had the hardest time finding a STYLYLISH natural hair dresser, I’ve been doing it myself and running out of styles. I would really like the best ever rollerset on 4c hair with natural oasis. Can you help? Im in Maryland.

  15. I’m looking for a Loctician in the Los Angeles area. I have locs and I need someone to maintain them for me. Thanks.

  16. Can you please send me a list of natural hair stylists. I am looking to color my hair and do a twist-out style. I live around Laurel/Columbia Maryland.

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