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Health is a key component of beauty.Wellness descends from knowledge, health, and beauty.

Health is a key component of beauty.

Beauty begins with health and healing. Styling with natural products, essential oils, and herbs is a key essential for beauty.

Wellness descends from knowledge, health, and beauty.

Natural products and herbs helps with the growth of natural hair.


Na-Klectic was envisioned and founded in March, 2004. The founder envisioned natural hair services in a professional environment. Our concept has changed but not our mission. We now offer natural hair services, natural hair coaching, salon business consulting, and video hair consultations, and stylist/salon referrals.

Do you need professional natural hair care services?

Do you need a natural hair coach?

Are you a salon owner that needs business consulting?

Are you a stylist that needs salon coaching?

Please email us for more information at [email protected].

Creativity with professionalism and promptness. The holistic hair lounge was launched with the mission of providing natural hair care services in a liberating and professional environment. Email or call for more information.



Natasha Jackson is the visionary of Na-Klectic. Natasha is a natural hair coach and business consultant. She has eighteen years of business experience. She envisioned a place of healing, nurturing, and creative styling for Na-Klectic patrons. Her vision was to provide natural hair care services in a holistic, serene, and professional environment. She aimed and […]

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Serenity Services  Hair Consultations Natural Hair or Loc Services Natural Hair Coaching Business Services Business Coaching Product Recommendations Referrals Salon Consulting Salon Organizing

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Natasha’s Personal Product Recommendations: These recommendations are for clients. Please keep it simple! Please do not purchase every product on the market. Keep your natural hair journey simple! Eat fruit and vegetables. Drink water! A balanced diet can help produce healthy hair and skin. I use and recommend the following products: PURE SHEA BUTTER PURE ALOE […]

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I. Deposits All new appointments for coaching or business consulting require a $35.00 deposit. All deposits can be deducted from total amount due for hair coaching and business consulting. A deposit is required for coaching and consulting services. II. No Show, No Call A client that does not call or email to cancel or does […]

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