Will you be fired for wearing your Natural Hair?

Will you be fired for wearing your natural hair? We are in a society that judges us based on our hair, skin color, complexion, race, etc. Would you change your natural hair for a career? Are we ashamed of our natural hair? Please ask yourself how do you really feel. Do co-workers, family, and friends cause you to question your choice concerning your hair? If so, why? These questions are posed because people feel the need to adapt. We have to learn to embrace and accept that God gave us curly, thick, thin, soft, kinky, manageable, not so manageable, long, or short hair. Accept yourself! Please watch this video.

ANCHOR FIRED OVER NATURAL HAIR FACEBOOK COMMENT HAS GROWING RANKS OF SUPPORTERS. See below how Rhoda Lee has celebrities and average folks discussing her case. Grio fam, do you think she will be able to successfully get her job back?

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