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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business consulting is great for salon owners. Why?

There has been many changes in the industry. It takes a special blend and mastery of business to remain in this industry. Salons and salon suites are popping up all over the country. Salon ownership requires time, business knowledge, and professionalism. Business consulting will give you a road map to your business destination.

My name is Natasha. I am the Founder of Na-Klectic. I have been in the natural hair industry for over eighteen years. What do you clients want? What do your clients need? Clients simply want  more professionalism and excellent customer service along with great styling options. Clients want an experience.

Are you a stylist, salon, or business owner? Do you want to have a salon but not sure about the steps? I can share my experiences and expertise as an entrepreneur with you. I can help you in planning, customer service, pros and cons of salon ownership, and success/pitfalls of the business. Please feel free to book a meeting via Skype, phone, or email for more information. I offer business consulting to seasoned and new salon owners.

Consulting $75.00 (hour)

*Creating a road map for your business

*Developing a plan of action, customer service, marketing tips, and hiring practices.

*Building Interactive Client Relationships

*Stylists/Salon Pitfalls/Challenges

*Pros/Cons of the business

Please email [email protected] to schedule a business consultation.

Please read my story.


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  1. What is your loc tightening method? Do you use a rat tail comb to get close to the scalp and then Palm roll?

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