Questions to ask Natural Hair Stylists

Greetings, Na-Klectic Family! The natural hair journey is a true journey. Short hair, long hair, transitioning, and braids are options for natural hair seekers. Are you struggling with styling options? Are you confused about products? What are your choices for healthy hair maintenance? There are times when you need a professional or natural hair salon to assist you with this journey. Are you looking for a salon? Please feel free to contact me. I can refer you to a few professional salons in the DMV and Los Angeles, CA. Please review a few possible questions to ask a stylist during a consultation or a first appointment.

How many years have you been a stylist?

What products do you use and/or recommend?

What regimen do you recommend to clients?

What services do you provide?

What styles do you recommend for my hair?

Do you offer online scheduling?

Do you accept appointments and/or walk in appointments?

What days are you available for appointments?

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions pertaining to your natural hair experience.