The Truth about Natural Hair

The Truth about Natural Hair…. Is it a lifestyle, choice, or a trend? It is all the above. For some people; it is a lifestyle change. You want freedom to exercise, go to the beach or the pool.  Becoming natural for others is  a choice… A choice to transition from relaxer to natural styles due to diet, spiritual reasons, and/or a new experience. Lastly, the natural hair trend is everywhere. We are finding natural styles on television, in magazines,  and on the streets of DC, NY, CA, Canada, and worldwide. Natural hair can be easy…IF  you let the experience become easy. Natural hair is not challenging. It gets complicated when we listen to everyone from friends, families, experts, and the entire natural hair community. It is YOUR hair. Enjoy the journey. Play with your hair, try different styles, love your hair, and protect your tresses. If you are in doubt! Ask the expert….



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