The importance of Relaxation and Yoga in Society

     We recognize that stress is the leading cause of many diseases. In American society working long hours, eating poorly, and reducing family time is status quo. In other areas of the world, relaxation is key. People take long lunches, long vacations, and spend quality time with family. Americans should recognize the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We need to eat balanced meals, exercise, find a spiritual connection with God and family, and enjoy life. My recommendation is yoga. Yoga changed my life. I was able to reduce my weight, increase stamina, and reduce my stress level.  It is great for breathing, calming the mind, and healing the body. We want to extend an invitation to the Na-Klectic family to try yoga. Our former salon Assistant Manager, Katika (Tika) Mercer is an amazing yoga instructor. We want to show her our love and support.

     Please visit The Beginner Series has taken off!! A FREE class is being offered on Saturday 11/6 @ 9:45am. In addition, a FREE class will be offered on Thursday, 11/4 @ 7:00pm. Next week, a third class will be offered to the series…Tuesday/Thursday 7:00 – 8:00pm. Please share this with family and friends. We want to change society from being unhealthy to balanced individuals that are healthy mentally and spiritually. Please check the website for additional classes or visit

Tree Pose, Vrksasana