Na-Klectic Newsletter, Spring Edition 2008

Na-Klectic News

Spring Edition

June 18, 2008

Greetings Na’Klectic

Hello, Na’Klectic Family! I apologize that you have not received an issue of this vital community based newsletter in a few months. I, like many others, are experiencing change and emerging into new endeavors. I hope that the entire Na’Klectic Family is great! Spring is here! This Spring is very different than the past years. The weather fluctuates from hot, then warm and cold in one day. Throughout the United States an eruption of floods and tornados are being seen in countless states. We are experiencing globally warming at its best. Please take the time and effort to recycle, dispose of trash properly, and care for planet earth. We are experiencing other socio-economic issues. The economy has shifted and we are forced to make decisions about our spending. I want to thank the entire Na‘Klectic Family for continuing to support us through this recession.

We want to encourage you to continue to patronize Na’Klectic. Furthermore, we want our clients to financially prosper in these times. The economy is challenged, gas prices are increasing, and house prices are declining. The overall climate and morale in America has declined. Americans are compelled to pay closer attention to their expenditures and to evaluate their needs and desires. However, we can offer some assistance during this time. On Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 6:00 pm at the salon, we will offer a FREE seminar (with free refreshments) about “Surviving in a Recession, Maintaining Homeownership, and Avoiding Foreclosure”. The seminar is hosted by Na’Klectic Natural Hair Gallery and Spa. Our guest speakers are Naji and Sherri Rashid of Remax First Advantage Inc. Although we are not offering seminars monthly due to lack of participation, we will offer seminars quarterly for our customers. Please take advantage of our seminars. Knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss. We, as African-Americans need to learn about financial prosperity more than our counterparts. Instead of being a victim, I encourage you to be a survivor and a leader.

Furthermore, I encourage the Na’Klectic Family to take advantage of our discounts offered at the salon monthly. We are offering 10% off facials and massages for the month of June. In July, we are holding a raffle to win a free service. One raffle ticket is $5.00 and three for $10.00 for a free service at Na’Klectic. In addition, we are offering HAIR CLASSES on Saturday, August 16, 2008 from (9:00 am- 3:00 pm). This is an open event for you, your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone interested in learning about natural hair. We are teaching classes in LOC STYLING, LOC EXTENSIONS AND ADORNMENTS, HEALTHLY HAIR CARE, COLOR, AND MUCH MORE. I encourage the Na’Klectic Family to take advantage of the programs, seminars, and classes offered at the salon. At Na’Klectic, we want you to be beautiful, bold, brilliant, and have Black pride. Peace and blessings.

Natasha Jackson, CEO

Na’Klectic LLC.

Creator, Na’Klectic News

Upcoming NaKlectic Seminars:

Surviving in a Recession, Maintaining Homeownership, and Avoiding Foreclosure

Naji and Sherrie Rashid of ReMax 1st Advantage Realty Inc.

Saturday, January 19, 2007 at 6:00 pm

Salon Announcements:


We want to welcome our new staff members! Robin Lee is our talented artist and creative natural hair stylist. In addition, we want to welcome Letitia Bowens , our new talented licensed cosmetologist that offers transitional styles, natural weaves, and pressing. In addition, we want to welcome Renee Ervin. She is our new natural hair stylist and dynamic braider to the Na’Klectic Family.

Our staff includes Annetta (massage therapist), Katika (contractual management), Kila (natural hair stylist and candidate for cosmetology), Natasha (natural hair stylist and owner), Tatiana (natural hair stylist), Ziyadah (natural hair stylist) , Utai (esthetician offering facials and waxing), and Yamisi (our virtual assistant).

Salon Achievements

Featured in Channel
April/May 2007

Featured on WBAL 1010AM Radio with Laren
Thompson April 2007

Hair Styles Showcased in Braids Etc.
and Braids International Magazines

Natasha Jackson – Educator at Bronner
Brothers 2006 Hair Show for Ashea Products

of the Month:

Princess Kayla’s NattyLocks Cream

Princess Kayla’s NattyLocks Cream was launched in Southern, California in 1997. This product is excellent for locs, starter locs, or coils. The ingredients include shea butter, lavender oil, and much more. NattyLocks works well for very soft or difficult to manage hair. NattyLocks Cream was developed as a better alternative and a replacement for beeswax. This product leaves the hair shiny and does not attract dirt and dust. Please purchase a 4 oz. of NattyLock for $10.00 at Na‘Klectic beginning June 20, 2008.

Employment Opportunities:

NaKlectic Natural Hair Gallery has
openings for the following:
Nataural Hair Stylist –
Full Time
Licensed Manicurist – Full Time
The licensed manicurist position listed above requires
a valid Maryland license and will require you to already have an established
clientele in place.
If you are interested in any of the open
positions please Contact Us
[email protected]



Events4GoodPeople, LLC (E4GP) promotions, marketing and consulting is one of the primary reasons for the revitalization of Baltimore’s night life for young urban professionals.

E4GP has changed the image of Baltimore to young professionals in just 7 short years. During 2002, E4GP promoted and marketed its first major event entitled, “FAMILY TIES” – which was hosted by Super Model, Andre Brown. FAMILY TIES was an event to support the young alumni and friends of Morgan State University as a post Home Coming Game social. Over 900 young professionals between the ages of 21 and 31 attended this event. Although almost one thousand people in attendance, this was only the beginning for E4GP.

E4GP was very sensitive to the perception of Baltimore as a “blue-collar town” where the “real” professionals traveled to Washington DC to party and socialize. Taking this into consideration, E4GP stayed with annual events targeting Morgan State’s Homecoming and New Year’s Eve. Barely into year two, E4GP graduated to monthly events that took place on the second Saturday of each month called, “SEXY SECOND SATURDAYS SOCIAL”. Sexy Second Saturdays boasted 200 to 300 young professionals at each monthly event.

After two years of annual and monthly events, E4GP was ready to tackle the weekly event possibility. This was the birth of Baltimore’s first upscale, well-attended, weekly happy hour – which was simply named, “HUMPDAY HAPPY HOUR”. Events4GoodPeople became a professional socialite’s Mecca. Starting with just 30 to 40 of Baltimore area’s elite, Humpday Happy Hour grew quickly to 300 to 400 weekly attendees within the first 6 months.

Now with two annual events, two monthly events, and two weekly events – E4GP has created a market for other promotion groups to form and turn profits. Several venues such as: Gordon’s Bar & Lounge, XS, Timothy Dean’s Bistro, Eden’s Lounge, Red Maple, Club One – attribute much of the success of their business to Events4GoodPeople, LLC.


Weekly –

POSH Thursdays at PUR Lounge (starting April 17)

FISH&GRITS Fridays at Timothy Dean’s Bistro

Monthly –

Sexy Second Saturdays at Eden’s Lounge

GOOD TIMES 3rd Sundays at Red Maple

Last Wednesdays at Robert Oliver Seafood

Azikiwe DeVeaux

[email protected]

© NaKlectic, LLC