Do you have Dry Hair in the Winter? Ask the Experts for advice! We have the remedy.

My recommendation for maintaining natural hair in the cold winter months is to apply natural hair oil such as; olive oil, almond oil, or vitamin E. I recommend hot oil treatments for thirty minutes once every week or two weeks depending upon the dryness of the hair and scalp.  Natural oils will reduce shedding and breakage. In addition, I recommend wrapping your natural hair in a silk scarf prior to placing a winter wool hat on the head. Winter hats tend to cause shedding. In addition, please eat healthy balanced meals. We tend to believe that breakage descends from the products that are being applied to the hair. However, lack of proper nutrition and low water intake can cause breakage. My last recommendation in the winter months is to increase water intake, eat more vegetables, and exercise. The hair tends to become more brittle in the winter, so protect your hair and do not apply a lot of heat or use petroleum based products. Natural products and a balanced diet is the key to to healthy hair in the Winter.