Check out Handmade Accessories by Maria of Naturalfeelings!

Na-Klectic will spotlight two businesses monthly. Please email Na-Klectic a write-up about your business at  We want to introduce our first business owner named Maria of Naturalfeelings.

Maria has been making it funky since 1994 professionally via Naturalfeelings, creating handmade accessories.  I started my own business for creative/financial freedom and became full-time in May 2000 thanks to my customers and family support.  I am attracted to earthy materials for my jewelry designs:  natural beads, stones, metals (mostly copper), wood, shells and recycled leather.  My crocheted items are made of acrylic, cotton, rayon, wool, bamboo, etc.  I sell mostly hats but will crochet anything well.  To get your naturalfeelings please call 410-464-0456 or go to my website or our new artist collective   Natural feelings is all you need!