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Health is a key component of beauty.Wellness descends from knowledge, health, and beauty.

Health is a key component of beauty.

Beauty begins with health and healing. Styling with natural products, essential oils, and herbs is a key essential for beauty.

Wellness descends from knowledge, health, and beauty.

Natural products and herbs helps with the growth of natural hair.


About Na-Klectic



Na-Klectic was envisioned and founded in March, 2004. As you seek us; we seek you. We have expanded our services to offer natural hair coaching, business consulting, and much more. It is more than hair services. It is an overall wellness experience.

Do you need a natural hair coach?

Are you looking for an one on one holistic hair experience with a natural hair consultant?

Do you need someone to travel to you for services at home or your office?

Creativity with professionalism and promptness. The holistic hair lounge was launched with the mission of providing natural hair care services in a liberating and professional environment. Email or call for more information.




Natasha Jackson is the visionary of Na-Klectic. Natasha is a writer, natural holistic hair coach, and business consultant. She has sixteen years of business experience. She envisioned a place of healing, nurturing, and creative styling for Na-Klectic patrons. Her vision was to provide natural hair care services in a holistic, serene, and professional environment. She […]

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Serenity Services  Business Consultation Consultation Henna Interlocking Kinky Twists (Human hair) Loc Maintenance Loc Styles including braids, flat twists, rods, or pipe cleaners Natural Hair Coaching Natural treatments using herbs and/or essential oils Rod sets Salon Organizing Sisterlock Styling Only (flat twists, rod sets, updo) Starter Locs (Cultivating Locs) Straw Sets Two Strands  

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Natasha’s Personal Product Recommendations: These recommendations are for clients. Please keep it simple! Please do not purchase every product on the market. Keep your natural hair journey simple! Eat fruit and vegetables. Drink water! A balanced diet can help produce healthy hair and skin. I use and recommend the following products: PURE SHEA BUTTER PURE ALOE […]

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  The guidelines are simple! I want you to have an amazing experience. A consultant and client must see eye to eye. Promptness, professionalism, and a great attitude is guaranteed. ::::PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION!:::: I want to provide quality and creative services for clients. The policies are created to protect your time as a Client and my time […]

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Looking to meet natural hair beauties, to find out more about natural hair, and share natural hair stories. Join a meetup group!

Wild Haired Mavens

Carson, CA
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The (DMV) Natural Beauties Group- Natural Hair Meet Up

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Let Me School You With The Curl Whisperer & Friends DC

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