New Year! New Attitude!

Greetings! The new year is approaching! What do you want to change this upcoming year? We hope the goal is to change your outlook and attitude. A healthy view of yourself is the most important aspect of life. Your hair does not define you. Your texture, your hair length, or the products that you use will not change you. Begin this year with a new outlook on life. Hair is amazing, beauty is wonderful, and great skin can be radiant. More importantly, you are radiant from the inside to outside. As the new year approaches; change the inner you. Let’s spend the remaining part of 2014 setting goals and creating the change we want to see in our lives.


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Natural Hair is a Lifestyle not a Fad!

Natural hair is beautiful. It is a journey back to wearing natural hair. It takes time and patience. The key is acceptance. However, it is important to locate a professional stylist. We are here to help you. Please check out this site: Are you interested in natural hair? Are you a Natural Stylist interested in growth? Contact Natural Hair Mag.  1381919_10200529803198560_16406346_n.jpg

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How to select a Professional Natural Hair Stylist?!!

Women are becoming natural at high rates. We hear about new products, view new natural hair styles, and videos of natural hair gurus/bloggers. Natural hair is the topic of conversation. The business of natural hair is not…. Why do we rarely discuss the business of natural hair? I love natural hair care. My passion is the business of hair. I have noticed that business and natural hair are not simultaneous. Clients often discuss the lack of professionalism, poor attitudes, tardiness, and lack of knowledge of natural hair stylists. Natural hair is an art and craft that can be performed with professionalism, knowledge, and care.

Would you visit a doctor without knowing his/her credentials? Please treat your natural hair salon experience with the same care. Your hair is important, gentle, and needs to be handled with care. I want clients to become even more informed consumers. As a convert to natural hair styles; it is a journey. You need a professional to guide you through the process. Some people find stylists through word of mouth, social media, Google, and much more.

However, when you make the first call or send an email to a Natural Hair Professional; please ask the proper questions. The first question should not be about the price. The first question should be about expertise and knowledge. Pricing will be based on the expertise and quality of service. Please remember when you are looking for a natural hair stylist to ask pertinent questions. These are questions recommended to ask a professional natural hair stylist.

How long have you been a natural hair stylist?

What is your specialty?

What natural hair care services do you offer?

How do you feel about natural hair?

What products do you use or recommend? Do you schedule appointments?

How often should I come into the salon for regular maintenance?

What are the recommendations for home maintenance?

Do you color or trim? If not, can you recommend to me a professional?

What are your salon service payment options?

As a client, you want to be an active participant in your natural hair care experience. Please remember to inquire about things that deem important to you. Explain to the stylists your natural hair goals. What do you expect from this journey? This is my recommendation to all natural women. Please be an informed consumer. Please read articles and books about natural hair, our history, and the importance of natural hair care. Videos and advice from family and friends is very significant. However, it is important to gain knowledge through resources such as writers, speakers, and natural hair stylists with expertise. Enjoy your natural hair journey!


Natasha Jackson



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DMV Natural Hair Stylist Call

I’d like to share this event with you!
DMV Natural Hair Stylist Call
Sunday, June 29, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PDT)
Carolina Kitchen
2350 Washington Pl NE
Washington, DC 20018
View Map
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Greetings! Happy 2014!



Dear Clients,

Greetings! Life is full of change and transition. Thank you for the past nine years! This is a New Year with many changes. Are you looking for a natural hair stylist? Do you need classes concerning natural hair? Please feel free to contact me about services or referrals via email. Please review the service and contact menu for more information. I look forward to assisting you with any questions.


N. Jackson (Founder)

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How can we begin to love our natural hair?

Natural Hair is beautiful and creative. How can we begin to love our natural hair? Why do we struggle with wearing our natural hair? Images depicted in social media, magazines, and television create this illusion of natural beauty. However, natural beauty is not a woman that starves herself, wears extensions, or wears a lot of makeup. Natural beauty is defined by you. Our natural hair journey began in Africa. We wore tresses to determine the tribe that we descended from and to differentiate ourselves.

We use every product on the market to attempt to change, manage, or remove the frizzy texture. Acceptance is key. God gives us beautiful features, fuller lips, wider hips, coarse or soft hair, thin or larger noses, and it is all amazing. Enjoy who and what you are…Society will continue to make you feel that your natural hair or beauty is not enough. Prove the world wrong. We are beautiful in all sizes, shapes, and hair textures. When we accept ourselves; we can help other’s to accept themselves too.


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The New Fibroid Healing Network

Welcome! Please check out this new network for women fighting and healing fibroids. The network is called the Fibroid Alternative Healing Network. The network is created to assist and support women fighting fibroids through knowledge of self, finding peace, reducing stress, information, spirituality, exercise, belief in healing, and support. We share information to improve whole body wellness.
We are strictly a resource and support network for women with fibroids. Please contact a medical doctor for diagnosis, care, treatment, surgery, and excessive pain. We encourage natural healing. We will share information, diet plans, life changes, wellness centers, alternative medicine, herbs, and other tools that we use for healing naturally.

There are no warranties given for the information expressed by the network, through the network, the founder, or any of the participants. All information is from personal experiences and information found through books, internet, and women fighting fibroids. We cannot guarantee healing but we encourage continued research and the support of Eastern medicine. We encourage holistic medicine, herbalists, herbal treatment, acupuncture, and other forms of naturopathy.

Please visit the page on facebook and spread the word.

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Will you be fired for wearing your Natural Hair?

Will you be fired for wearing your natural hair? We are in a society that judges us based on our hair, skin color, complexion, race, etc. Would you change your natural hair for a career? Are we ashamed of our natural hair? Please ask yourself how do you really feel. Do co-workers, family, and friends cause you to question your choice concerning your hair? If so, why? These questions are posed because people feel the need to adapt. We have to learn to embrace and accept that God gave us curly, thick, thin, soft, kinky, manageable, not so manageable, long, or short hair. Accept yourself! Please watch this video.

ANCHOR FIRED OVER NATURAL HAIR FACEBOOK COMMENT HAS GROWING RANKS OF SUPPORTERS. See below how Rhoda Lee has celebrities and average folks discussing her case. Grio fam, do you think she will be able to successfully get her job back?


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Check out Handmade Accessories by Maria of Naturalfeelings!

Na-Klectic will spotlight two businesses monthly. Please email Na-Klectic a write-up about your business at  We want to introduce our first business owner named Maria of Naturalfeelings.

Maria has been making it funky since 1994 professionally via Naturalfeelings, creating handmade accessories.  I started my own business for creative/financial freedom and became full-time in May 2000 thanks to my customers and family support.  I am attracted to earthy materials for my jewelry designs:  natural beads, stones, metals (mostly copper), wood, shells and recycled leather.  My crocheted items are made of acrylic, cotton, rayon, wool, bamboo, etc.  I sell mostly hats but will crochet anything well.  To get your naturalfeelings please call 410-464-0456 or go to my website or our new artist collective   Natural feelings is all you need!

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Million Dollar Man, Inc. is a Non-Profit that assists men with Re-entering the Workforce.

Na-Klectic Natural Hair Gallery and Spa is a salon and spa that
supports local businesses and non-profit organizations. Our mission
for this blog is to inform and educate consumers about hair, art,
events, businesses, and much more. We recognize the importance of
giving to the community and supporting the endeavors of our clients,
and our community locally and nationally. We often hear about
organizations that provide food, shelter, or clothing for women.
However, there are number of men that are homeless or re-entering the
workplace after a lay off or budget cut. Please support this
organization called Million Dollar Man, Inc. This organization is
dedicated to providing resources for men. Please support this special
organization through donations. Please read this and pass this
pertinent information to friends and family.

Million Dollar Man Inc. is a program of Fusion Partnerships,
Inc., a local fiscal sponsor and nonprofit registered in the State of
Maryland. We assist men in the re-entry, recovery and in other
communities to dress for success as they re-enter the work force. We
provide clothing to clients when they are job ready (prepared to
re-enter the workforce).

In addition, we partner with other organizations who provide services
to men as they prepare to re-enter the job market. Currently, our
partners provide us with space to store clothing for their clients. We
have provided suiting for over seventy-five men as of this date.

If your business/organization would like to sponsor a clothing drive,
please contact us to set up a drive. We accept donations by
appointment only. Clothing must clean, on hangers, and/or in boxes. We
accept both professional and business casual clothing, men’s
accessories, and shoes. We have a demand for larger size men’s

For more information please visit . Visit us on the web at Thank you in advance for your support and

Thank You,

Carla Armstrong


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