“The Big Chop” and its Effect on Relationships


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      Janet and the “Big Chop”?!  Can you believe it? If she can do it, you can too. Or can you?! Do you feel concerned that your friends, family, significant other, or your husband may not like your natural hair? Are you scared to transition? I think that some women are scared to transition for fear of the negative comments and reaction of others. Some people make unwanted and unnecessary comments about the texture and length of our hair. This can make anyone feel uncomfortable about the transition from relaxer to natural. I am not against nor for relaxers. Everything in life is a CHOICE. I just believe in healthier choices for your scalp, hair, body, mind, and soul.

     If a relationship is based on the length or texture of your hair, the relationship may need to be re-evaluated. On several occasions, I have encountered women being concerned about the impact of the transition to natural on their relationships. A loving relationship is supportive and honest. A healthy relationship is a relationship that is not harmful to your self esteem. If your significant other is making negative comments about your hair, please ignore these comments. You are beautifully and wonderfully made by the Creator.

     We all have a difference of opinion. Some people like straight hair, kinky hair, or curly hair. I believe the transition is YOUR transition. A parent, child, or husband cannot determine your hair journey. The transition for some people can be a challenge with family and friend support. During the transition; your hair will begin to do things that you have never experienced. You will have an Afro at the root and straight ends. 

     What will you do with this transitioning hair? You will love it eventually…. You will rod it, two strand it, twist it and wear it, and much more. The only thing that matters is that you must like your hair. It will not impact relationships if you will not allow it! Transition in love, respect, and by CHOICE! Healthy relationships are determined by two healthy participants. Love your hair, love you, and love others. The “Big Chop” will help you get back to you and will encourage others. Make the first step… TRANSITION!