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Defined Styles

  • Loc Cultivation (starter locs): Locs are cultivated from coils, interlocking, loc extensions, sister locs, two strand twists, two strand twists extensions, or naturally. Extension hair is used for extension techniques such as; loc extensions or kinky twists. The extension hair resembles afro or natural hair.
  • Loc Maintenance: Locs are manicured and neatly organized using the technique of palm rolling, the tool, and/or interlocking (by hand).
  • Double strand twists: Two separate strands of hair are twisted in a circular motion to create a defined, rope like twist. Hair is typically 2.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • Coil twists: Also, referred to as comb twists. A small fined tooth comb is used to achieve the desired look of organized one strand twist of natural hair. Hair is typically 1.5inches to 3 inches for this style.
  • Cornrows: Braids are created from three strands of hair that are strategically braided together to form a design, mohawk, or straightbacks.
  • Flat Twists: (Straight back or design) A hairstyle that is created by twisting two strands of hair flat to the scalp; very similar to cornrows, which uses three strands of hair. It depends upon the hair’s length, flat twists may stop at the nape of the neck or continue in a two-strand twist style to the ends. This style is suitable for natural and straightened hair.
  • Kinky Twists: Bulk Afro extension human hair  is twisted into the hair of the client to extend the length of a person’s natural, transitioning, or perm hair. The extensions give the appearance of fuller or longer two strand twists.
  • Straw set/Rod set: The hair is strategically placed on drinking straws or rollers. The straw or rod set gives the appearance of a curly or textured afro with volume.
  • Twist Out: Two strands or flat twists are strategically and neatly placed, dried by the dryer, and then unraveled to give a textured or curly afro.

Natural Treatments: We provide treatments with the use of 100% pure shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E, sesame oil and other natural oils to treat the hair or prevent breakage.

Menu of Services (shampoo & conditioning treatment is included with all styles)

  • Blow Dry (Additional to any style)
  • Coils (aka coil twists or comb twists)
  • Children’s Hair Services
  • Deep Conditioning/Natural Hot Oil Treatments (using olive oil, sesame oil, etc.)
  • Double Strand Twists
  • Double Strand Twists with flat twists
  • Flat Twists (Straight back or design)
  • Henna
  • Kinky Twists (Human hair or Synthetic hair )
  • Kinky Twists for cultivating (starting) locs
  • Loc Adornment Styles (Braiding, flat twists, or rods for locs are additional to loc maintenance)
  • Loc Adornment, shells or jewel attachment
  • Loc Maintenance
  • Loc Maintenance with a style including braids, flat twists, rods
  • Loc Repair/Loc Shaving (clipping of excess hair from locs)
  • Rod sets
  • Shampoo, Conditioning, and Blow Dry
  • Starter Locs (Cultivating Locs)
  • Straw Sets
  • Two Strands
  • Two Strands with an updo (into a Mohawk, bun, etc.)
  • Two Strands with rods
  • Transitional Styles

We also offer pamper parties, wedding packages, hair packages, classes, and much more.

51 thoughts on “Service Menu

  1. To whom it may concern

    Do you do natural updos? I am looking to have my hair styled in the near future. For example, Teyonah Parrish.

  2. I am natural with thining hair and would to start regular hair care every three weeks.

    Very interested in wash, deep condition, sealing and flat twist or braids to wear under my wig or as stand alone hair do.

    Please reply with your nearest location to Edgewood Harford County MD.

    I can be reached at or 443-468-1362.

    Thank you so much for considering mu request.

    I remain, yours truly


    1. Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we do not have a location near Edgewood. We will email you information for stylists in the Baltimore region. Blessings with your natural hair journey.

  3. I have been growing my locs for almost six years now but would like to have them removed without shaving my head. Do you do loc removal?

  4. I have not had my hair relaxed since August 2011 however I have mostly had my hair straightened with blow dryer and flat iron since my transition. Due to this my hair is pretty straight and it does not seem as if I have been transitioning since August 2011. I think I am finally ready for the “big chop” so I can begin seeing my natural curl pattern. I think this time of season (warm/hot weather) is good to start. Do you agree? Would I be able to schedule this with your salon?

  5. I am waiting on your reply to your email. You were to send me contacts for natural hair stylist within the Baltimore area.

    Also do you do free consultation. I am so frustrated with my hair but love the feel and comfort of natural hair. I need a go to style. If I am not successful wiht a Baltimore stylist I will to visit your salon.

    Thank you so much.


    1. Would like to make an appointment with your salon. I do live in Edgewood, Md would travel. I have not been successful in finding a stylist in the Baltimore area and would love to wear my natural hair hair in a low maintenance style.

  6. Hello, would you be able to do my big chop from locs? I would like the cut to look nice because I have a round face. Thanks!

  7. Hello,

    Like so many others who are in the transition process I have not had a relaxer in 8 years. However, I do not want to do the big chop all at once. I am looking to take baby steps with the cut/chop by cutting inches off bit by bit but I do not know where to go (let alone trust). I would appreciate any assistance you can offer.


  8. I am looking for a natural hair care professional in the Los Angeles area 90016 do you have someone you can recommend to me? I just did a big chop of my LOC’s about 18 months ago. I am rockin natural curls 3c-4a I think is my curl pattern. I have only had my hair pressed 2xms 2014 and 1xm 2013. I am struggling with the right staple regimen for my hair to keep it moist and if I should use protective hair styles or just leave it be. I have had the ends of my hair cut once since my big chop and my hair is growing but the beautician I went to said my hair was very dry. Can you help me?

  9. I haven’t had a relaxer in 3 months, and would like to get a coil set. My hair is tapered around the sides, and back. I’ve been letting it grow out in this cut since the end of April. I have hair on the top, but it’s not as long as I would like for it to be. Could you do my hair with me getting a sew-in in the top for the fullness? If so, how much would you charge?

  10. I want to get a blow dry and trim but i am terribly afraid of heat damage, do you guys take the steps to protect hair for getting heat damaged?

    1. Thank you for contacting us. We recommend a shampoo, a deep conditioner and a steam treatment before applying heat. Heat damage comes from applying direct heat. There is a proper technique to blow drying hair. Please email us for additional questions or scheduling an appointment.

  11. Hi! I have been natural for almost 2 years. I do have heat damage in the front and some on the hair is type 4b/c (thats if you use the hair type system). I am looking to gradually cut the heat damage off and get a trim on my hair in its natural state. My hair is in a weave right now but i would like info on possible openings and any stylists who can help fix my heat damage.

  12. my son has locs approx a yard long. Some were pulled out in the top and he would like to have them locked back in and he is in need of professional maintenance. who would you recommend? He is in need of a really good naturalist.



  13. I emailed the address found on the site but was not sure if that was the best contact or to leave a message here.

    I have been wearing my hair very short for a few years but now I want to grow it out and i want to gracefully grow it out and i am looking for a natural stylist in the VA area

  14. Hello, just a few questions… My first locs I started with you guys… Don’t remember the stylist name… But amazing service.. Wondering if it’s still a shop on 25th Street. Baltimore? And is there some one that can start and maintain microlocs?

  15. Hello,

    I was wondering if you cut women’s natural hair into different styles?
    I would like my hair cut shorter, but a little tapered in the back.

    Thank you!

    1. We apologize but we do not know of any stylists in LA that specialize in crochet braids. We will send you the information for a local natural hair stylist in LA. She may be able to give you information.

  16. Hello,

    I’m looking for a natural hair salon to do my hair. My hair is all natural and I am looking for someone to style my hair, maintain it, and also to help with the thinning of my hair. I live in Prince George’s County.

  17. I was wondering if you knew of anyone who can do a big chop for me in Sacramento. I only wanted to take off the damaged parts

  18. I am thinking of big chopping sometime soon. Do you know of any good stylists in the DC metro area who specialize in transitioning hair?

  19. I haven’t had a relaxer since June of 2014. I was gong to try and transition but can’t find the right product and it’s becoming over whelming. I think I just want to do the big chop and start from there. I live in baltimore.

  20. I just began my natural hair journey and have a lot of heat damage, I want to see what my options are before deciding on a big chop! So glad you are in Los Angeles!!! Any advice or pricing ?

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