How can we begin to love our natural hair?


Natural Hair is beautiful and creative. How can we begin to love our natural hair? Why do we struggle with wearing our natural hair? Images depicted in social media, magazines, and television create this illusion of natural beauty. However, natural beauty is not a woman that starves herself, wears extensions, or wears a lot of makeup. Natural beauty is defined by you. Our natural hair journey began in Africa. We wore tresses to determine the tribe that we descended from and to differentiate ourselves.

We use every product on the market to attempt to change, manage, or remove the frizzy texture. Acceptance is key. God gives us beautiful features, fuller lips, wider hips, coarse or soft hair, thin or larger noses, and it is all amazing. Enjoy who and what you are…Society will continue to make you feel that your natural hair or beauty is not enough. Prove the world wrong. We are beautiful in all sizes, shapes, and hair textures. When we accept ourselves; we can help other’s to accept themselves too.