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Natural Feelongs

Natural Feelings is a handmade funky accessory business by Maria since 1994 home based in Baltimore, MD. It includes handmade natural jewelry made of woods, semiprecious stones, metals and recycled leather.  The crochet items are made of acrylic, cotton, lycra and wool. They are mostly accessories like hats, fingerless gloves and some custom-made dresses, halters […]

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Are you Neglecting your Health for your hair? Are you neglecting your health for your hair? Did you walk, run, or practice yoga today? Did you decide to avoid the pool or beach due to your hair? Women often avoid physical activities because of hair concerns.  Neglecting our health is a no-no. Our health is more important […]

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       Struggling with your natural hair   Are you struggling with your natural hair? Afros, two strand twists, and locks are great hairstyles for the natural hair care community. Naturals want easy and fun styles. Natural hair is becoming a topic of conversation due to the large number of African- American women leaving […]

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